VISA Credit Cards

Be on the lookout for your new card, which will be arriving in your mailbox in early June. Simply follow the instructions on the card when you get it in the mail, update your automatic payments to your new credit card number, and you’re ready to go. Your payment date, credit card rate, terms, and limits all remain the same. We’ll even transfer any rewards points you have over to the new card.

Remember, you will first need to call the number on your card’s sticker to activate it. Please activate on Sunday, June 25th (cannot activate early). Please use your current card through Saturday, June 24th, which is the last day you can do so.

Check Out Our New Cards

Rewards Visa Image

Rewards Visa

- Tap to Pay
- No Annual Fee
- Earn Merchandise and Travel Rewards

Platinum Visa Image

Platinum Visa

- Tap to Pay
- No Annual Fee
- Fixed Rate
- Easy Balance Transfers

New Debit Image

Debit Card

- Tap to Pay 
- Debit Card Controls
- Always On Fraud Monitoring
- Accepted Everywhere Visa is 

Great Card Features

Mobile Wallet puts your credit or debit card directly on your mobile device. It's a more simple and more secure way to make payments. Our cards now support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

  • Contactless Payment is a simple & secure way to pay at the register with just a tap of your card

VISA Click to Pay gives a secure checkout experience, without having to remember a password

  • Account Updater makes it easier for you to make sure your automatic payments are up-to-date and accurate with participating merchants when you get a new card number

VISA 3-D Secure is VISA's new and improved way to ensure that rightful owner of the VISA account. All members are automatically protected

Debit Cards

Q: Will I get a new WCU Visa Debit Card?
Yes. We will be sending out new cards in September of 2023.

Q: What is a contactless card and what are the benefits?
A contactless card allows cardholders to “wave” their contactless card over a contactless-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminal. The embedded antenna transmits the payment info to the contactless-enabled terminal using a one-time use code with each transaction. These new features allow for a secure, fast, and easy transaction process.

Q: How secure are contactless cards?
Every contactless card payment transaction includes a one-time-use, dynamic data for the transaction. This same data cannot be used for other transactions. In addition, each contactless device must have its own unique secret key and this key is never transmitted.

Q: How do I make a contactless card transaction?
Verify that there is a Contactless symbol on the transaction terminal. Tap or hold your WCU Visa debit or credit card within 3 inches or so of the transaction terminal.

Q: How do I use my card if a terminal does not have the contactless symbol/feature?
Your new card also includes an embedded microchip and magnetic stripe, so that if you find your favorite stores have not updated their transaction terminals, you can use your new card in the same way that you’ve been using your old card.

Credit Cards

Q: Why is Wauna Credit Union issuing new credit cards to current cardholders?
We’ve been looking for ways to upgrade our credit cards as part of our effort to continuously improve the products and services we offer to our members. Our new cards introduce contactless payment and have increased security protections.

Q: What are the feature improvements?
There are several exciting feature improvements. Members will now be able to see real-time balances and payoffs directly in U banking online and mobile banking. In addition, you’ll be able to directly pay your balance from your checking or share accounts

Q: When will this change occur?
We will mail out new Visa cards on, or about, the last week in May. If you do not receive a new credit card by June 20th, please call 800-773-3236, use secure chat in U banking online and app banking, or visit the nearest branch.

Q: Will the new card look the same?
No. Our new WCU Visa credit and debit cards have a new look representing the natural beauty of our footprint. Go to to see the new designs.

Q: Will my card number change?
Yes. Your card number will change with the new WCU credit. If you have any automatic payments tied to your card it will be important to update the card number with the merchant.

Q: Do I have to request a new WCU Visa credit card?
No. If you currently have credit card through us, you will automatically receive a new credit card during the reissue period.

Q: What should I do once I receive my new card?
On or after Sunday, June 25th, activate your new Visa credit card by calling the number found on the sticker on the front of your new credit card. The new credit card will not work prior to the June 25th activation date.

Q: Are there costs or fees associated with replacing my current Visa credit card?
There is no fee associated with getting your new credit card.

Q: Will the rate and terms change?
No. Your current WCU Visa credit card rate and terms will remain the same.

Q: Will my existing card alerts be converted to the new card?
No. You will need to establish alerts for your new credit or debit card.

Q: How long can I continue to use my current VISA® credit card?
You may continue using your WCU Visa credit card until June 24th. After that date, all activity will be discontinued on the old card, and you will need to begin using your new card. Once you have successfully activated your new credit card on June 25th, destroy the old credit card.

Q: I have automatic charges tied to my WCU Visa monthly. Will I have to notify those merchants? (Ex. Netflix, insurance companies, Amazon, Apple, utilities)
: Yes. You will need to contact all merchants with which you have automatic charges to your current card and provide them with the new card number, expiration date and the three digit code on the back.

Q: Will the Customer Service number remain the same?
No. The new Card Support and Lost or Stolen Card number will be 1.866.576.1338.

Q: Will my payment mailing address change?
No, the payment mailing address will remain PO Box 67, Clatskanie, OR 97016

Q: What happens to my existing reward points?
Existing reward points will be converted to our new system. We will email your rewards point balance.  Your points totals will eventually be shown on your monthly statement.

Report Lost/Stolen Credit Card

  • Inside United States: 866-576-1338
  • Outside United States: 727-299-2449

Card Disputes

  • Submit Card Disputes: 888-918-7313

Important Contact Information

  • General Information: 888-820-0198
  • Activate/Set PIN: 800-631-3197

How We Keep You Secure

  • EMV-Chip Secured Credit Cards makes every transaction unique
  • EnFact Security Assistance automated account monitoring
  • VISA 3-D Secure for online shopping security

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