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Financial Education

Offering Financial Education to our communities is part of our purpose and our mission as a credit union. To help, we offer a variety of learning and budgeting tools, learning modules for children and adults, and even one-on-one, free financial counseling.

Balance Financial Education for Adults 

For Adults, our learning modules and our one-on-one help are offered through BALANCE. They offer free and confidential assistance that covers a variety of subjects. Sign up for a free BALANCE account.


Elements of Money - Financial Ed for Teens 

For Teens, we are proud to offer Elements of Money, get ready to play games, win prizes and learn smart money skills.

M3 Money Club For Kids 

For Kids, join the M3 Money Club, and meet our super saver heroes!

In addition to BALANCE, our members benefit from Money Desktop, right inside our online banking, & Money Mobile for your phone. They can help you budget and see where your money is going.

What is BALANCE? 

Learning about budgeting, saving, and the responsible use of credit are vitally important for individual success in life.


BALANCE offers amazing personal budgeting tools to help our members improve their money management skills. BALANCE offers housing counseling, assistance making a debt repayment plan, a credit report review, and a toll-free information line – all of their services are FREE to Wauna Credit Union members.


BALANCE also offers educational modules on a variety of subjects related to money, saving and spending goals. Read the modules or listen to many of them on podcasts and improve your relationship with money forever.


  • To set up your own Balance financial guidance account, Visit the website  or call 888-456-2227 and fill out the Personal Financial Assessment .  Link to Personal Financial Assessment



Additional Finance & Budget Tools: