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Elite+ Money Market

The Elite Plus Money Market Account is our new tiered savings program that rewards you the more you save. By helping our members realize their financial goals, and giving back to the members that continue to invest in their relationship with the credit union, the Elite Money Market is the perfect place to keep access to your deposits, while growing your money in a federally insured account.

  • Higher Dividend Rate than regular Money Market Account
  • 3.000% APY at highest tier
  • Up to 6 withdrawals processed by approved transactions per month

 APY= Annual Percentage Yield   DISCLOSURES

7 and 9-Month High Yield Certificate

Our special certificate allows you to take advantage of today's high dividend rates, with a short term, so your money is ready before you know it. Open one today!

Type Rate APY
7 Month Certificate 4.889% 5.000%
9 Month Certificate
4.410% 4.500%

APY= Annual Percentage Yield    DISCLOSURES

New Money Required for 9-month certificate

*APY: Annual Percentage Yield. Special 7-month and 9-month certificates: Minimum balance required to open the account and earn the APY: $500. The published APY is compounded and credited Monthly, and is accurate as of July 3, 2023.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings.  Other account restrictions may apply

13-Month Saver Certificate

Lock in your rate without giving up flexibility. The 13-month saver is perfect for the person who wants it all

Type Rate APY
13 Month Saver Certificate 4.650% 4.750%

APY= Annual Percentage Yield    DISCLOSURES

12-Month Certificate Special

Interested in a straightforward 12-month certificate? Our no fuss one-year certificate offers the same great return with only a $500 minimum.


Type Rate APY
$500 – 9,999.99 3.445% 3.500%
$10,000 – 19,999.99 3.445% 3.500%
$20,000 – 49,999.99 3.445% 3.500%
$50,000 – 99,999.99 3.445% 3.500%
$100,000 + 3.445% 3.500%

APY= Annual Percentage Yield   DISCLOSURES


Certificate Accounts, Money Markets & IRA

Current Rates

Personal Certificate Account 

We have multiple options that allow you to earn higher dividends on your money. Our Certificate Accounts start at only $500, and provide several tiers to allow your money to grow.

  • Savers Certificate Accounts allow you to start saving with a lower initial investment, and provide the option to make additional contributions over the certificate term
  • Other Certificate options start with a $500 minimum balance
  • Certificates Earn higher dividends based on balance and term of certificate

  • Dividends are compounded monthly, paid monthly

Money Market Account (MMA)

Earn extra interest on your savings account balance, while still having access to your funds.

  • Low minimum to open
  • Earn dividends higher than our Share Savings Accounts
  • Tiered levels of deposits to earn higher rates
  • Write 3 checks and up to 6 transfers a month
  • Unlimited branch transactions
  • NCUA insured up to $250,000

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

IRAs are savings accounts with big tax breaks, usually for retirement saving. IRAs can include a variety of assets – bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and others.

Traditional IRA

  • Contribution limits exist
  • Eligibility Requirements
    •        Earned Income
  • Possible Tax Deduction
  • Earnings are always taxed
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) required at 72
  • Contributions are pre-tax, with taxes paid when you withdraw the money

Roth IRA

  • Eligibility Requirements
    •         Earned Income
    •         Income Limits (MAGI)
  • Contributions are made after taxes
  • No age limit for contributions
  • Tax-deferred earnings
  • Qualified distributions are tax-free and penalty-free
  • Since Taxes are paid up front there are no taxes later

Simplified Employee Pension (SEP IRA): For the self-employed & small business owners

  • For self-employed and small business owners 
  • SEP IRAs have much higher contribution limits contribution limits
  • SEP IRA owners who still earn income may continue to make contributions 
  • Must take RMD at age 72

Health Savings Account (HSA):  Set aside funds on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical costs

  • Using untaxed dollars in an HSA for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and other expenses, can lower overall healthcare costs
  • HSA contributions are pre-tax/tax-deductible. The money grows tax-free and the money can come out tax-free
  • Rolls over from year-to-year, so you don't lose your savings
  • Those enrolled in a high-deductible health insurance plan (HDHP) may qualify for an HSA
    -The IRS defines an HDHP for an individual as a plan with an out-of-pocket maximum of $6,550 and a minimum deductible of $1,300

Coverdell Educational IRA: For college tuition 

Find out more from the IRS

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