Fee Schedule

Effective February 15, 2024

Bill Pay

Account to Account Transfers (Fee disclosed prior to
sending funds.)
Person to Person Transfers (Fee disclosed prior to
sending funds.)


Card payment by phone $5.00 Per Transaction
CO-OP ATM Withdrawals (Fees may be assessed by
ATM owner, not WCU.)
$0.00 Per Withdrawal
Gift Cards (Other card fees apply and disclosed with
$4.00 Per Card
Non-CO-OP ATM withdrawals $0.00 Per Transaction
Replacement Card Fee $10.00 Per Card
Visa Card Rush Replacement $50.00 Per Card

Checking Account

Simply Free Checking Account Free
50+ Interest Checking Account (Age 50 and over) Free
Easy Interest Checking Account $5.00 Monthly
High Interest Checking Account (If balance falls below $1,500) $6.00 Monthly


Cashier's Check $5.00 Per Check
Check Orders Varies
Temporary Checks $4.00 Per Sheet


Check Copy from Deposit $5.00 Per Item
Check/Draft Copy $5.00 Per Copy
Credit Card Statement Copy $5.00 Per Copy
History Copy $5.00 Per Copy
Photocopy $1.00 Per Page
Monthly Statement $3.00 Per Copy


Overdraft/NSF Fee $35.00 Per Overdraft
Overdraft Transfer Free

Safe Deposit Boxes

3” x 5” Box $35.00 Annually
3” x 10” Box $60.00 Annually
5” x 10” Box $70.00 Annually
10” x 10” $100.00 Annually
Drilling of Box $300.00 Per Drill
Key Deposit $20.00 Per Box
Lost Key Replacement $30.00 Per Key


Account Closure (w/in 90 days) $15.00 Per Account
Account Research/Balancing/Bill Pay (min. 1 hr) $50.00 Per Hour
CarFax $20.00 Per Item
Collection (Domestic/Foreign) $50.00 Per Collection
Consumer Loan Interest Rate Modification $75.00 Per Modification
Deposit Adjustment (ATM, RDC, etc.) $5.00 Per Item
Deposit Adjustment at non-WCU location $10.00 Per Item
Dormant Account (12 Months Inactivity) $10.00 Monthly
Fax Transmission (Incoming/Outgoing)  $1.00 Per Page 
Fax Transmission Foreign $5.00 Per Page
Foreign Currency $7.00 Per Order
Foreign Currency Next Day Delivery $17.00 Per Order
Foreign Currency Overnight Delivery $20.00 Per Order
Holiday Club Early Withdrawal $2.00 Per Withdrawal
IRA/HSA Account Closure (External transfer) $30.00 Per Closure
IRA/HSA Account Closure (w/in 180 days) $25.00 Per Closure
Legal Process Fee (Garnishment/Levy) $150.00 Per Item
Home Equity Line of Credit Annual Fee $75.00 Annually
Home Equity or Personal Line of Credit Over the Limit Fee $25.00 Per Item
Low Balance Fee (Single service accounts < $300 during
the month. Does not apply to 17 and under and 65 and over
years of age)
$5.00 Per Month
Mortgage Verification/Payoff Statement $30.00 Per Request
Returned Deposited Check $15.00 Per Check
Returned Deposited Check by Account Owner $30.00 Per Check
Returned/Dishonored ACH $30 Per Item
Rush Title $50.00 Per Item
Skip-A-Payment $40 Per Skip
Stop Payment (includes ACH, Bill Pay) $10.00 Per Item
Subordination Agreement $250.00 Per Item
Undeliverable Mail Fee $10.00 Per Item


Incoming Wire Fee $20.00 Per Wire
International Wire (Outgoing) $55.00 Per Wire
International Wire Research or Tracking  $45.00 Per Item 
International Wire Contract Cancelation $45.00 Per Item
US Wire (Outgoing) $20.00 Per Wire



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