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Internet Bill Payment is an optional feature within Online Banking that lets you pay your bills from any computer with an Internet connection. Automatically set up one-time or recurring payments for the payees, dates, and the amounts you want. Pay any company or individual with a US Postal address.

Eliminate the time-consuming task of mailing checks each month, paying for stamps, and possibly forgetting to pay all your bills – let Wauna Credit Union do it for you! Pay just about anyone from your phone company to your plumber to your Aunt in Alabama with the click of a mouse button!

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  • Make an immediate payment or schedule monthly and future payments.
  • Pay bills from home, at work, or while traveling anywhere you have Internet access. Industry-standard SSL encryption ensures your account security.
  • No more checks to write, stamps to buy, envelopes to lick! Save time and postage!
  • Setup recurring fixed payments and never forget to pay a bill again!
  • POP Money offers the ability to pay anyone person-to-person with an email or phone number!

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