Cannabis Business Solutions

Working together for safety and security

Wauna Credit union is committed to the safety and security of our communities, which includes the Cannabis Industry.  We are excited to announce we are now able to serve Oregon cannabis businesses and ancillary* cannabis related businesses inside our field of membership (FOM). Currently, our field of membership includes all of Clatsop and Columbia Counties in Oregon, all of Pacific County in Washington, and about half of Washington County in Oregon including Forest Grove,  parts of Hillsboro, and areas around Hwy 26 as it travels north.


Wauna Credit Union is proud to offer

safe and secure banking options with Cannabis Business Solutions


Checking accounts designed for your specific needs.

Savings accounts provide a store for liquid assets.

Earn extra dividends on your account balance, while still having access to your funds.

Checking accounts for those who work in a cannabis related field.

No more dealing in only cash. Make your business safer and easier.

Manage and grow your business with ease.

 We are currently accepting applications for the following OLCC Licenses within our FOM: Producer, Processor, Retail, Wholesale, Research, and Lab.

Our application process is primarily electronic and requires several electronic documents to be completed.  We recommend you gather the following documents in electronic format before starting the application process:

  • Federal EIN
  • Oregon Business Registry
  • City license (if applicable)
  • Authorized signer & owner information and IDs on file
  • Corporate Structure documentation such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Resolution of Authority, Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, etc.
  • Information on officers, owners, controlling manager
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Returns & Federal Tax ID document
  • Insurance information
  • Bank account information and last 3 months of bank statements (if applicable)
  • State marijuana licenses, copies of your application, and initial site inspection documents

*Ancillary business are defined as a non-cannabis touching business that's primary source of revenue is derived from knowingly supporting cannabis growing, processing and sales. These businesses include, but are not limited to; hydroponics and cultivation products, lighting, packaging and warnings, security services and equipment, technology and software, banking and payment processing, insurance, paraphernalia (Cannabis delivery systems), and professional training and education.


If you are interested in applying for CRB membership or would like more information please contact our Compliance Department below: