It’s So Easy For Members to Switch  All Accounts To Wauna Credit Union!

With ClickSWITCH it  just takes 10 Minutes

We know that changing all of your deposits and payments is such a hassle that it keeps many people at financial institutions they are not happy with. Today, things have changed! We have ClickSWITCH!

Members can Switch all accounts to Wauna Credit Union 

We make moving your accounts to Wauna Credit Union as easy as possible, by offering ClickSwitch, an amazing tool that can move all of your automatic deposits and withdrawals (including government checks, bills, creditors, and autopays) in just a few minutes. It is hassle-free, secure, and easy to use.

Move all your important transactions from Direct Deposits to Automatic Payments in only 10 minutes!


    Open an Account


    Go to U-Banking


    Switch Automatic Payments and Debits


    Enjoy the Credit Union Difference!

How To Use ClickSWITCH:

First, make sure you are eligible for membership: Membership Requirements

    1. Come into a branch an open an account
    2. Log into U-Banking click the Additional Services drop down and select ClickSwitch and follow the instructions
    3. Alternatively you can request a code from us at the branch or by calling 800-773-3236 and then using that code to log into

ClickSWITCH offers:

  • Instant account setup and direct deposit transfer.
  • Auto-debit payee notification of the new account information and update their billing information (utilities, insurance, club memberships, etc.).
  • Transfer direct deposits to their new account.
  • Switch Summary – Watch the progress and details of your switch to Wauna CU.
  • Switch Status – real-time switch confirmation.
  • Payment tracking to new accounts.
  • Balance Assist even recommends the dollar amounts to leave in former account until switch is complete.
  • Account closure processing when the switch is complete.

switch Now!

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