VISA Credit Cards

Cards For Every Individual

Wauna Credit Union offers a variety of cards with features and rewards designed to meet your needs. Whether you want to earn rewards, are looking for your first card,  or just transfer a balance from a higher-rate card we have what you need. 

Mobile Wallet, VISA Click to Pay, Account Updater and 3-D Secure

Wauna Credit Union is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our member experience. We're excited to announce four new improvements to our VISA Debit and Credit Cards to supercharge your cards;

  • VISA Click to Pay gives a secure checkout experience, without having to remember a password. 
  • Mobile Wallet puts your credit or debit card directly on your mobile device. It's a more simple and more secure way to make payments. Our cards now support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. 
  • Account Updater makes it easier for you to make sure your automatic payments are up-to-date and accurate with participating merchants when you get a new card number.
  • VISA 3-D Secure is VISA's new and improved way to ensure that rightful owner of the VISA account. All members are automatically protected. 

Convenience, Security & Low Rates

Wauna Credit Union offers both VISA Rewards and VISA Platinum credit cards for our members. In addition, we offer a First Time VISA to help young members establish credit. For the highest security, we offer VISA 3-D SecureEnFact monitoring, and all of our credit cards are local-first!


VISA Rewards Credit Card  

Wauna Visa Rewards Card

  • Lower Interest Rate
  • Balance transfers qualify for Bonus Points and low introductory rate
  • No expiration for your Points
  • Personalized webpage to monitor points and redeem for quality merchandise & travel rewards
  • Use your VISA Rewards to pay monthly utilities and other bills to grow your points quickly

VISA Rewards & Redemption:

VISA Platinum Card

  • Low Interest Rate
  • Affordable Terms
  • Balance Transfers
  • Accepted wherever VISA is displayed
  • Monitor Account Online
  • Monthly statements

First Time VISA

Our popular 1st-Time Borrower’s Program can help you start building a solid credit rating* 

  • Up to a $1500 limit
  • Build your credit
  • *Proof of income required for first-time borrower


Report Lost/Stolen Credit Card

  • Inside United States: 844-267-2739
  • Outside United States: 540-707-4039

Card Disputes

  • Submit Card Disputes: 800-773-3236
  • Follow the prompts.

Important Contact Information

  • General Information:    844-267-2739
  • Activate/Set PIN:    844-267-2739

How We Keep You Secure

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