March Statement Insert – WaunaCar, Loan Rebate, Scholarship, Annual Meeting

Statement page 1 - full text belowCALLING ALL STUDENTS!
Scholarship applications are due by April 16th!
Don’t miss out on the chance tosnag some help
for higher education!
Application at

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Business Meeting at 6:30pm
at the newly dedicated Erlene Darby Learning Center
49249 Hwy 30, Westport, Oregon
Doors open at 6 pm / Light refreshments served
Come see our democracy in action!

Wishing You Many Happy Returns
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Trade In Your Loan
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*Special Promotional Terms: Refinance a qualifying loan (Auto, Truck, SUV, Van, RV-motor home, trailer, boat, motorcycle, watercraft; or, Closed-end, Unsecured loan), currently financed elsewhere, and qualify to receive: 1. An immediate Cash Rebate equal to 1% of the approved loan value [Note: the full amount of the promotional cash rebate remitted to member may be forfeit if less than 50% of the total funded loan balance remains in the account 120 days after the loan funding date]; and, 2. 60-Days No Payments (interest will continue to accrue during the 60-day period). Wauna CU will also pay the vehicle title transfer fee up to $100 (member is responsible to pay any additional amount). Minimum loan amount to qualify for special terms: $2,000; Maximum rebate allowed is $500 per loan. These special financing terms end at close of business April 30, 2018. Rates & financing are offered based on applicant’s credit worthiness and term of the loan. Membership with Wauna CU required to qualify for this special offer.

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The following information pertaining to debit cards is added to the Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure that was previously provided to you:Card Information Updates and Authorizations. If you have authorized a merchant to bill charges to your card on a recurring basis, it is your responsibility to notify the merchant in the event your card is replaced, your card information (such as card number and expiration date) changes, or the account associated with your card is closed. However, if your card is replaced or card information changes, you authorize us, without obligation on our part, to provide the updated card information to the merchant in order to permit the merchant to bill recurring charges to the card. You authorize us to apply such recurring charges to the card until you notify us that you have revoked authorization for the charges to your card. Your card is automatically enrolled in an information updating service. Through this service, your updated card information (such as card number and expiration date) may be shared with participating merchants to facilitate continued recurring charges. Updates are not guaranteed before your next payment to a merchant is due. You are responsible for making direct payment until recurring charges resume. To revoke your authorization allowing us to provide updated card information to a merchant, please contact us.Theterms of the Electronic Fund TransfersAgreementand Disclosure (Agreement) are revised as described above.Please keep a copy of this Notice with the Agreement. Except as set forth in this Notice, the Agreement is unaffected and shall continue in full force and effect in accordance with its terms. If there is a conflict between this Notice and the Agreement, the terms of this Notice will prevail.