Clatsop SBDC, Wauna Credit Union and OSU Extension Bring Free Small Business Education to Clatsop County

Small business owners will continue to have access to no-cost, practical education thanks to a new collaboration between the Clatsop Community College Small Business Development Center, Wauna Credit Union, and Oregon State University Extension.

This collaboration has launched a digital masterclass series, “Summer Small Business Bootcamp,” where new and existing business owners can learn from business experts in seven sessions covering topics critical to business success including strategic planning, financial management, marketing, and human resources. The classes will be offered live via Zoom and then available on-demand so busy business owners can design their own learning path. 

Lindsay Davis of Oregon State University said of the collaboration: “We see great value in combining forces and resources to best support the rebound of Clatsop County’s economy in this time of great need. By working in partnership with Clatsop Community College’s SBDC, it will be a solid one-two punch of University and Community College educational offerings for the community.”

Clatsop Community College SBDC will receive $7500 in total in direct and indirect support to fund the digital series that will be offered free to the public through live streams and on-demand videos, starting July 14th.

Michael Murdoch of Wauna Credit Union said “Building relationships with organizations like the SBDC links directly to our vision and mission as a financial cooperative. Moreover, the SBDC truly fosters our local economies, encouraging profits to stay close to home and providing invaluable support to our neighborhoods and communities.”

In addition to the Boot Camp masterclasses, community members looking to hone their leadership skills can participate in the Clatsop SBDC’s “Books & Brews” Leadership Book Club.  This summer’s reading is Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead and will be facilitated by Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director, David Reid.  The first meeting of the book club will be July 15 and pre-registration is required.

Jessica Newhall, Associate Director of the Clatsop SBDC said “Our mission is to help our region’s small business community thrive. Wauna Credit Union and OSU Extension’s support ensures all small business owners can access no-cost, practical education designed to help them overcome challenges and be positioned for success.”

Notable speakers leading the boot camp include Seth Morrisey of Oregon Web Solutions, Alyssa Logan of Fort George, Chelsea Morrisey of Morrisey Digital, and Sarah Lambert of Riverview Bookkeeping.

For more information and to register for the Summer Small Business Boot Camp or Books & Brews Leadership Book Club, visit

Non-Discrimination Declaration 
It is the policy of Clatsop Community College that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, gender, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment. Questions or complaints should be directed to Naomi Garbutt, Affirmative Action/Gender Equity (Title IX) Officer, Towler Hall, Suite 110, 503-338- 2450; TDD 503-338-2468. The Director of Disability Services, Mallory Vollner, is located in Towler Hall, Suite 104A, 503-338-2474. 

Persons having questions about or a request for special needs and accommodation should contact JoAnn Zahn, Vice President of Finance and Operations, at Clatsop Community College, 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria, Oregon 97103, Library Suite 110, Phone (503) 338-2421 or TDD (503) 338-2468. Please send special needs and accommodations requests here. Contact should be made at least two business days in advance of the event. 

Declaración de no-discriminación 
Es la política de Clatsop Community College que no habrá ningún tipo de discriminación o acoso por razón de raza, color, sexo, género, estado civil, religión, origen nacional, edad, orientación sexual, identidad de género o expresióno discapacidad en los programas educativos, actividades o en la contratación. Preguntas o quejas deben ser dirigidas al Naomi Garbutt, Oficial de Acción Afirmativa / Título IX localizado en Towler Hall número 110 número de teléfono 503-338-2450, TDD (discapacidad auditiva) 503-338-2468. Director de Discapacidad Dervices, Mallory Vollner, se encuentra en Towler Hall, numero 104A, número de teléfono 503-338-2474. Para ADA y otras peticiones de servicios llame al 503-338-2474 o para TDD (discapacidad auditiva) 503-338-2468. 

Ayuda a personas discapacitadas 

En cuanto a las personas discapacitadas, se les pide que se comuniquen con JoAnn Zahn, la Vice Presidente de Finanzas y Operaciones en Clatsop Community College, 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria, Oregon 97103, Library Suite 110, número teléfonico (503) 338-2421 o a TDD (503) 338-2468. Haga el favor de notificar a la oficina para que se le pueda proporcionar apoyo. La comunicación debe tomar lugar por lo menos dos días de trabajo antes del evento por el cual se requiera tal ayuda. Para más información, vea la página Web de Clatsop Community College bajo Información en Español. 

June 2020 Anniversaries

Things are starting to get back to normal at the credit union, but we’re still living in a world very different from the one we thought we would be in even just a few months ago. Every month we celebrate our employees celebrating an anniversary. We ask them a few questions about their job, and try to keep it light (mostly).

Over the last two months though we’ve done it a little differently. Our June anniversary celebrants answered one simple question;

What is something the credit union does that makes you proud to say you work here?

Monica Lauber – 16 Years

I’m proud that we continue to offer solutions to our members financial needs. It’s about them, not us. Just recently over the last few months most of the mortgage lenders and brokers stopped offering cash out refinances because of the uncertain economic times, but there are still so many reasons people would want to use the equity in their homes. At Wauna, we didn’t for a second think about taking away a valuable resource. Now more than ever, we’re in your corner.

Jeannie Mustola – 4 Years

I just joined our Commercial team, so right now one thing I’m proud of is all the work we do to help keep our area businesses growing and supporting our communities. I’m a life-long Clatskanie resident. I just bought a home here, and I’m going to raise my family here, so the credit union doing its part of keep a strong local economy is important. Over the last two months, we helped more than 100 employees keep their pay through the pandemic with SBA Paycheck Protection Loans. I love our focus on small business and being able to connect with them personally, and help them financially. I love seeing the passion people have for their businesses.

Kerbie Belknap – 4 Years

One thing I love about working here is that we REALLY ARE trying to help our member build their financial well-being. From the type of accounts we open, to the lending that we do, the credit counseling, or even the financial advisors that we partner with. All of this is not to make the credit union rich, but to help our members. That makes me proud.

Alejandra Ortega Bermudez – 3 Years

The fact that we do the most we can for every member, we go above and beyond to help the member in any situation they may be in with regards to their finances or loans.

Jonathan Kintz– 2 Years

When the position opened up and I applied, I was just looking for a simple thing. Like a side gig sort of thing, you know? Little did I know that a position doing a few hours of cleaning a week would open up the doors to the whole company and the tight knit family they have created. I have a great working relationship with my manager. He cares about how I am doing, my family, all on top of getting me all the support and tools I need to do my job the best it can be done. I have attended a few Wauna events and I enjoyed myself thoroughly every time. Even though I rarely see the folks who work at the branch, they find ways to let me know that I am appreciated and part of the team.

I also find it a great privilege to help support a local company doing solid community work. Thinking and acting locally is a big deal to me, and Wauna reflects those values.

Chris Barron – 1 Year

We are an active participant and supporter of our community, even outside of the branch, and outside of business hours. While everybody thinks about financial support, both donations and loans, we also donate our time, expertise, and resources. I’m proud to wear the WCU logo on my chest when I’m out and about, and to be part of this company.

Sabrina Ecker – 1 Year

I am grateful and proud to be part of an organization that does such good things for its members. I’ve been here a year now, and from the beginning, I’ve constantly heard about living our mission and vision, and putting the member first. Knowing that’s our goal lets me concentrate on helping people when they come to the branch.

June Statement Insert

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Funds Availability Disclosure Changes effective July 1, 2020

The Funds Availability Policy Disclosure was updated July 1, 2020 to reflect inflationary increases to check hold amounts on deposits to transaction accounts. The amount of your deposit available on the first business day after the day of your deposit has increased from $200 to $225. The amount available on the second business day on special exception holds such as large deposits, new account deposits, and deposits to repeatedly overdrawn accounts increased from $5,000 to $5,525. The updated Funds Availability Policy Disclosure document is available on the credit union website. You may contact the credit union for additional information.

Important Information About Shared Branching

Effective June 30, 2020, Wauna Credit Union is no longer participating in CO-OP’s Shared Branching Network. Wauna Credit Union continues to maintain membership in the CO-OP ATM Network, which allows surcharge free withdrawals and deposits (where accepted) at over 35,000 locations nationwide.

Additionally, virtually every transaction done through Shared Branching can easily be completed via our U-Banking online and mobile banking tools, which may be accessed at

And, of course, you may always give us a call at 800-773-3236 if you need assistance accessing your money. We are here to help.

A Message from Our CEO and President

As a trusted, financial cooperative owned and operated by the honest and hardworking members of our communities for the past 53 years, we are committed to reducing inequality, hatred, and violence. Because your physical, mental, and financial well-being remain the highest of our priorities, it is not only our belief that all Wauna Credit Union service be delivered without judgement, bias, or fear, but also that as your allies in the fight for good, we believe in the credit union philosophy of people helping people. You are our people, and we are yours. Thank you for being a valued member, and thank you for being you.

Robert Blumberg
CEO and President

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We Say Yes To Your Mortgage
Purchase, Refinance, Build, 800-773-3236, 24/7 Lending
Individuals Welcome
Wauna Credit Union, Equal Housing Authority, Federally Insured by the NCUA
NMLS 421867
Every individual is welcome to apply for a mortgage. Membership is not required to submit an application.

2020 Scholarship Winners

Wauna Credit Union Awards Area Students Over $12k in Scholarships

It was definitely a year unlike any other. Graduations did not have the pomp and circumstances that the Class of 2020 was probably expecting, but in many ways that made the awarding of scholarships to deserving students even more rewarding.

WCU’s 2020 scholarship recipients were selected based on a variety of factors, including GPA, community involvement, and their need for financial assistance.

“This was not an easy decision as we had a huge amount of wonderful applicants this year,” said WCU CEO Robert Blumberg. “We take that to heart, because we believe not just in our communities and our schools, but in our future. And who better to make that future brighter than our children,” said Blumberg.

Fifteen students from eight area high schools are recipients of this year’s WCU Scholarships, which range from $500 to $1,500 each. This years recipients include:

  • ELI Takalo – Astoria
  • Kegan Rascoe – Astoria
  • Gabriel Katon – Clatskanie
  • James Helmen – Clatskanie
  • Gina Limon – Clatskanie
  • Jonathan Moravec – Clatskanie
  • Catherine Ruado – Forest Grove
  • Nada Jones – Rainier
  • Josiah Jones – Rainier
  • Kelsey Ela – Scappoose
  • Allisandra Kuni – Scappoose
  • Kaytlenn Worlitz – St. Helens
  • Sofia Wolf – Vernonia
  • Jessica Butcher – Vernonia
  • Katrina Diego – Warrenton

Better Than 0% Financing

As the economy opens back up many car manufacturers are bringing people in with the promise of 0% financing. This can be a great deal. The difference between a 0% APR and 3.5% APR on a $25,000 loan is $38 a month. However, as crazy as it seems, you may be able to get a better deal than 0%. How is that possible you may ask? That answer lies in an option for cash back instead of the lower rate, and the low rates Wauna Credit Union can offer right now. As of May 29th, we are as low as 3.09% on a 66 month vehicle loan.

Frequently, dealerships offer a catalog of incentives, most notably financing specials and cash back. People occasionally are able to select both cash back and a lower APR, but usually have to pick. The 0% rate seems like a no brainer, but that’s not often the case.

First of all, for buyers with bad credit, the decision is easy. The promotional APR is usually reserved for those with good scores, Experian estimates you’ll need a 740 score. You don’t often need that score for the discounts. Also, if you don’t have a lot of money to put down, taking the cash back is hugely important, so you don’t end up in a negative equity situation.

Just as importantly, even for the highest qualified buyers who have a down payment, taking the cash back amount off the purchase price of the sale, can often make the most financial sense. Let’s run through a few scenarios.

Kira has a credit score of 750 and has $5,000 to put down. She’s got her eyes on a nice Accord for $30,000. Honda is offering 0% financing or $7,000 cash back. A 0% rate on a $25,000 loan financed over 60 months has monthly payments of $417, and a total payment of $25,000. A 3.5% rate on an $18,000 loan financed over 60 months is $327 a month, and a total payment of $19,647. Here’s a case where the cash back makes the most sense.

Karissa is in a different boat. Her score is 760, so she’ll qualify for that 0%. She has $2,000 to put down, and wants a fully loaded Mini Countryman at $41,000. Mini is offering 0% financing over 48 months, or only $3,000 cash back. If she selects the 0% option, she pays $650 per month and $39,000 over the term. If she selects cash back she pays $709 per month, and $42,569 over the term. She’s one that should take the manufacturer’s financing.

Our last example is Michael. He has a great credit score of 805, a down payment of $10,000, but is looking at $82,000 F150. Ford is offering a longer-term 0% APR over 72 months, or $10,000 back, he’s preapproved at 3.5% also for the longer 72-month term. For him the numbers work like this; the 0% APR gives him a $1,000 monthly payment, and total over the life of the loan of $72,000. The 3.5% rate has a monthly payment of $956 and pays of $68,828. He’s another one who benefits from selecting cash back.

Everybody should have financing set up before they go shopping. Even if the manufacturers financing option makes the most sense for you, it’s important to know what you could get elsewhere to do those calculations.

May Statement Insert – Cash Back, 90-Days No Payments

Important Information About Shared Branching

Effective June 30, 2020, Wauna Credit Union is longer participating in CO-OP’s Shared Branching Network. Wauna Credit Union continues to maintain membership in the CO-OP ATM Network, which allows surcharge free withdrawals and deposits (where accepted) at over 35,000 locations nationwide.

Additionally, virtually every transaction done through Shared Branching can easily be completed via our U-Banking online and mobile banking tools, which may be accessed at

And, of course, you may always give us a call at 800-773-3236 if you need assistance accessing your money. We are here to help.

Cash Back

1%* cash back, 90-days no payments
Move your vehicle, watercraft, off-road, or unsecured loan to us
Individual Needs Welcome
#Keepthedistance,, 24.7 Lending, #savelives

*Upon loan approval, current and new Wauna CU members who refinance a qualifying loan currently financed elsewhere to Wauna Credit Union become eligible to receive: 1. Immediate Cash Rebate equal to 1% of the approved loan value; 2. 90-Days No Payments (interest will continue to accrue during the 90-day period); and, 3. Wauna CU will pay the vehicle title transfer fee up to $100 (member is responsible to pay any additional amount). Qualifying Loans: Auto, Truck, SUV, Van, Motor home, trailer, boat, watercraft, motorcycles, side-by-sides, quads, and unsecured loans such as home furnishings, tuition, personal loans, etc. Minimum loan amount to qualify for special terms: $2,000; Maximum rebate allowed is $500 per qualifying loan. These special, promotional financing terms end at close of business June 30, 2020. Rates & financing are offered based on applicant’s credit worthiness and term of the loan. Note: the promotional cash rebate paid to a member may be forfeit if the loan balance is paid in full within 180-days of the loan funding date. Membership with Wauna CU required to be eligible for this special offer. Federally insured by the NCUA.

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May Anniversaries

Working at WCU is a privileged all of us take seriously. It’s great to come in and help out the community and make a difference – while still remembering to have fun. This month we’re recognizing our anniversary celebrants a little differently. Each person shared one question

What is something the credit union does that makes you proud to say you work here?

Debi Smiley – 32 Years

I heard a story today where we were able to assist with a single mom’s financial well-being by reviewing her current mortgage loan and found we could refinance it.  Doing such we were able to reduce the rate and the payment by $400 a month.  This is a big monthly savings.  It is the people helping people that fits my core beliefs.  That is the ‘purpose’ of credit unions.

I give back to the community whenever I can.  It is important to me.  If the community thrives, we all thrive which leads to a better quality of life. 

Loren Ames – 11 Years

They promote from within and invest in their people. I have held about five positions in my 11 years of working for Wauna. With each position I was given support and an opportunity to direct my own career path.

Devyn Osborne – 3 Years

What makes me proud to work at Wauna is that it’s one big family. Across the organization, everybody pitches in to help each other serve our member-owners, and help out our communities.

Kat McFarland – 1 Year

I am proud to work for a company that prides itself on being there for people, realizing that they are not just a number or dollar in our pocket, but real live individuals, such as ourselves who have faults and need help.

Enter Phase 1 – Now Phase 2

With our counties now entering Phase 2, we are relaxing some of the restrictions, most notably we request that everybody entering the branch wear masks, but if your personal situation means you cannot do that, it will not prevent you from entering the branch.

With Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s decision to allow parts of the state to enter Phase 1 of the COVID-19 recovery, effective Monday, May 18, we are happy to reopen all our lobbies and welcome back our favorite people, our member owners.

We’re excited to enter a new, new normal. We’re taking precautions to keep you and our employees safe, and there are still some limitations to follow the guidelines set by the state, but rest assured, we’re doing this the WCU way, which means the first thing you’ll notice is an employee at the door to greet you.

Branch Access

Members will no longer need to schedule an appointment to enter the lobby. The Governor’s order puts certain restrictions in place. During Phase 1, the number of members allowed in the branch is limited. In addition, everybody who enters the branch, including employees, will be required to wear an approved mask. Exceptions will be made for those medically unable or under the age of 2.

  • The number of members allowed in branch at one time follows:
    • Clatskanie: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 3)
    • Scappoose: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 3)
    • St. Helens: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Warrenton: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Astoria: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Forest Grove: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Safeway: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Vernonia: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 3)
  • Members and guests will social distance by following directional markings
    • Where to enter, exit and stand in lines
    • Where to stand while being helped on the teller line
  • Members and guests will wear masks while visiting our branches; masks will be provided to those who do not have one
    • Exceptions: medically unable or under age 2
  • Portable plexiglass barriers will be used when members or guests are visiting an employee in an office setting or at a desk
  • Public areas will regularly be wiped down with disinfectant wipes

Employee Percautions

To help prevent infection, all credit union employees will have their temperature taken prior to reporting for work each day. In addition, the credit union will prevent congregation, and stagger working hours to increase social distance.

Alert: Unemployment Fraud

The NW Credit Union Association has alerted us to a significant increase in unemployment fraud hitting or footprint. Please be aware if you, your friends, or family are asked for your account information and then see a deposit from a state unemployment division. Scammers are using this new method to conduct fake check scams

Washington state law enforcement has recently reported investigating a widespread fraud campaign in which victims’ identities are being used to file false unemployment claims. While similar reports have not be issued for Idaho and Oregon, other states across the country are reporting the latest in fraud trends. Victims, who have not filed unemployment claims, have received notification from their employer’s Human Resources department, or the State Employment Securities Department, indicating an unemployment claim has been filed on their behalf.

The Seattle Police Department’s cyber-crime investigators have recommended the following steps for anyone who knows, or believes, they are a victim of unemployment fraud. Credit unions may wish to share this information with their members who may be potential victims of this fraud.

Steps to Protect Your Financial Identity & Credit History

  • Step One – Contact Human Resources
    • Contact your organization’s HR staff to coordinate and report the incident to your employer.
  • Step Two – Contact Your State’s ESD
    • Call the State Employment Security Department (ESD) (Idaho: 877-540-8638 or; Oregon: 877-668-3204; Washington: 800-246-9763 to report the fraud or contact the ESD via an online form:
    • You will need the following information for identity verification:
      • Last 4 of your SSN
      • Date of birth, address
      • Current phone number
      • Information on how you learned a claim was filed on your behalf
  • Step Three – Police Report
    • File an online or non-emergency report with the agency whose jurisdiction you live in.
    • Start keeping a file folder or journal with the information from this incident, including any case numbers. Some government services and accommodations are available to victims of identity theft that are not available to the general public, such as getting certain public records sealed.
  • Step Four – The Three Major Credit Bureaus
    • Obtain your free credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion at or call 1-877-322-8228
    • Report to the credit bureaus that the fraudulent claim was made using your identity and provide them with the case number from your police report. You can have a fraud alert put on your identity or freeze your credit. Doing either is free by law.
      • A fraud alert is free and will make it harder for someone to open new accounts in your name. To place a fraud alert, contact one of the three credit bureaus. That company must tell the other two.
      • Experian: 1-888-397-3742
      • TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289
      • Equifax: 1-888-766-0008
    • Check your credit activity at least once a year. As a victim of identity-theft you have the right to check it monthly if you choose.
    • Credit Freeze – If you do not have upcoming large purchases, such as a home, you may want to freeze your credit for more protection. It is free and you can do it yourself. More information about freezing your credit can be found here.
  • Step Five – FTC & IRS
    • File a short report with the FTC and give them the case number for your local police report. The FTC offers more information here.
    • Consider setting up an IRS account. If you create an account with your social security number, it will prevent criminals from creating an account using your identity.
    • Another option is to lock your social security number, which can be done here. (The next wave of this cyber-attack may be IRS tax fraud.)
    • All of this reporting seems redundant, but we want to make sure you are recognized as a victim by the local, state, and federal government. Also, the more people who report it, the more support law enforcement agents will receive to pursue the perpetrators.
  • Step Six – Keep Your Notes
    • Hang on to any notes, copies of emails, etc regarding the issue. This is the paper trail that you can reference if you face any identity issues or locate inaccuracies on your credit history sometime in the future.

Protecting Your Data and Identity
You are done dealing with the fallout from this unemployment fraud incident, but may choose to further protect yourself from cyber-crime. Below are some steps and resources that the cyber-crime detectives recommend for anyone wanting additional protections for themselves and their families.

  • Control Your Own Information

April Statement Insert

The credit union philosophy is “People Helping People” – we live and breathe this philosophy, and are working
diligently to provide a full portfolio of products and services to assist during times of hardship or other interferences as
circumstances unfold. If you are worried about your finances or simply want to discuss possibilities, please contact us right away to review options. We have also made the decision to extend a variety of low-cost borrowing options, which may help contribute to your ability to cope and maintain the necessities of life for you and your families during times of need,
including our EZ$ Loan (up to $1,100), EZ$ Premium Loan (up to $2,600), and our Home Equity Line of Credit options. Above all, please contact us if you need help.
Robert Blumberg
CEO and President
Wauna Credit Union
24/7 Lending
Federally insured by the NCUA
NMLS 421867

Letter from Robert

WaunaCU Now
Video Chat with A Member Consultant Live
Available Regular Business Hours Mon – Sat
WaunaCU Now lets you video chat with a local branch Member
Consultant directly from, or from the WaunaCU Now apps available from the Apple or Android app stores.
Because we want to keep the friendly face-to-face experience our members have come to expect, WaunaCU Now is staffed by our in-branch Member Consultants and Mortgage Team members. Don’t be surprised to see a familiar face on the screen.
WaunCU Now is available during regular business hours.
Mon-Thur 9 am – 5:30 pm
Fri 9 am – 6 pm
Sat 9 am -3 pm

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