35 Years Down, 35 To Go

We’ve celebrated two milestone anniversaries in the last 30 days. In April, Hannah, the Member Service Manager in Scappoose celebrated five years at the credit union. That’s definitely a noteworthy feat. If she can do that seven times, then she’ll reach the milestone that Debi Smiley reaches today.

The year 1988 was a great year for movies. Rainman, Coming to America, Die Hard, Beetlejuice, and A Fish Called Wanda were all released. If Clatskanie had an Oscar to give that year though, it would have been Best New Employee, and awarded to Debi.

Even though Debi was a new employee, she was very familiar with the credit union. Debi’s family, who immigrated to Clatskanie from Finland. Debi is a 4th generation Quincy-area resident, and heavily involved in the local community. She’s involved with the local Chamber, Kiwanais, Turning Point and Keep It Local, to name a few.

And today we celebrate 35 years with Debi in our ranks. She’s done it all, from teller to CEO. Notably, she worked for many years for former CEO Eileen Cheuvront. According to Debi, “Under her leadership, I learned to stay focused, work hard, and have fun. That was her motto and she shared it often. Eileen led by example. She was a compassionate leader that believed in the credit union, what we stood for and the high quality of service we were to render. She was a caring and supportive leader and I feel privileged to have worked under her leadership and guidance.”

Debi’s ascension to the highest ranks of the credit union isn’t an anomaly. While it may take 35 years, or more, the goal is for Hannah to still be here. Telling stories to new employees about the lessons she learned from Debi Smiley.

So congratulations, and thank you Debi. Here’s to another 35 years.