May Anniversaries

Working at WCU is a privileged all of us take seriously. It’s great to come in and help out the community and make a difference – while still remembering to have fun. This month we’re recognizing our anniversary celebrants a little differently. Each person shared one question

What is something the credit union does that makes you proud to say you work here?

Debi Smiley – 32 Years

I heard a story today where we were able to assist with a single mom’s financial well-being by reviewing her current mortgage loan and found we could refinance it.  Doing such we were able to reduce the rate and the payment by $400 a month.  This is a big monthly savings.  It is the people helping people that fits my core beliefs.  That is the ‘purpose’ of credit unions.

I give back to the community whenever I can.  It is important to me.  If the community thrives, we all thrive which leads to a better quality of life. 

Loren Ames – 11 Years

They promote from within and invest in their people. I have held about five positions in my 11 years of working for Wauna. With each position I was given support and an opportunity to direct my own career path.

Devyn Osborne – 3 Years

What makes me proud to work at Wauna is that it’s one big family. Across the organization, everybody pitches in to help each other serve our member-owners, and help out our communities.

Kat McFarland – 1 Year

I am proud to work for a company that prides itself on being there for people, realizing that they are not just a number or dollar in our pocket, but real live individuals, such as ourselves who have faults and need help.