Enter Phase 1 – Now Phase 2

With our counties now entering Phase 2, we are relaxing some of the restrictions, most notably we request that everybody entering the branch wear masks, but if your personal situation means you cannot do that, it will not prevent you from entering the branch.

With Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s decision to allow parts of the state to enter Phase 1 of the COVID-19 recovery, effective Monday, May 18, we are happy to reopen all our lobbies and welcome back our favorite people, our member owners.

We’re excited to enter a new, new normal. We’re taking precautions to keep you and our employees safe, and there are still some limitations to follow the guidelines set by the state, but rest assured, we’re doing this the WCU way, which means the first thing you’ll notice is an employee at the door to greet you.

Branch Access

Members will no longer need to schedule an appointment to enter the lobby. The Governor’s order puts certain restrictions in place. During Phase 1, the number of members allowed in the branch is limited. In addition, everybody who enters the branch, including employees, will be required to wear an approved mask. Exceptions will be made for those medically unable or under the age of 2.

  • The number of members allowed in branch at one time follows:
    • Clatskanie: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 3)
    • Scappoose: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 3)
    • St. Helens: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Warrenton: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Astoria: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Forest Grove: 5 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Safeway: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 4)
    • Vernonia: 4 members (maximum in lobby area is 3)
  • Members and guests will social distance by following directional markings
    • Where to enter, exit and stand in lines
    • Where to stand while being helped on the teller line
  • Members and guests will wear masks while visiting our branches; masks will be provided to those who do not have one
    • Exceptions: medically unable or under age 2
  • Portable plexiglass barriers will be used when members or guests are visiting an employee in an office setting or at a desk
  • Public areas will regularly be wiped down with disinfectant wipes

Employee Percautions

To help prevent infection, all credit union employees will have their temperature taken prior to reporting for work each day. In addition, the credit union will prevent congregation, and stagger working hours to increase social distance.