Working Against Fraud

Wauna Credit Union’s mission is to provide opportunities for members to build their financial well-being. Usually that means helping you find opportunities to better your financial situation, whether that’s helping you find a way to grow your savings, or helping you get a lower-rate loan to make the thing you need affordable. Sometimes though that means helping make sure you don’t lost money. That’s why this information about preventing check, 419 Fraud and advanced payment fraud from the FBI really stood out to us.

  • Is the check from an item you sold on the internet, such as a car, boat, jewelry, etc?
  • Is the amount of the check more than the item’s selling price?
  • Did you receive the check via an overnight delivery service?
  • Is the check connected to communicating with someone by email?
  • Is the check drawn on a business or individual account that is different from the person buying your item or product?
  • Have you been informed that you were the winner of a lottery, such as Canadian, Australian, El Gordo, or El Mundo, that you did not enter?
  • Have you been instructed to either “wire” “send” or “ship” money, as soon as possible, to a large U.S. City or to another country, such as Canada, England, or Nigeria?
  • Have you been asked to pay money to receive a deposit from another country such as Canada, England, or Nigeria?
  • Are you receiving pay or a commission for facilitating money transfers through your account?
  • Did you respond to an email requesting you to confirm, update, or provide your account information?