May Anniversaries

Wauna Credit Union is growing fast (if you want to join us check out our careers page). The main reason for that is the great service we provide our members. The reason for that great service is our amazing employees. We caught up with a couple who are having their anniversary this month.

Laura Wells 5 Years
What is your current position?
My position is Accountant, and I’m part of our “Accounterations” team, Accounting and Operations Support.  Much of my job is to make sure that what happened yesterday balances and makes sense today.  I also balance and monitor the credit union’s corporate account on a daily basis to make sure we always have sufficient cash balances and that everything that should have posted did (and vice versa).  Another one of my tasks is maintaining fixed asset and Laura Wellspersonal property records for the credit union.  We’ve been working on a lot of projects lately, like the Clatskanie remodel and the addition of our Mortgage Origination Office in Long Beach, so there has been (and will continue to be) quite a bit to do for this, which is exciting!

What is your favorite WCU memory?
It’s not one particular memory, but I like when all the employees get together; whether it’s for our annual in-service day or for the annual Christmas party, or during various trainings that are held throughout the year. I like seeing and building relationships with all my coworkers in person that I’m always talking to on the phone or emailing, and in a different context than the everyday grind. I really feel the team and family spirit of the organization when we’re all together.

What is something you like to do when you’re not at work?
I love to travel, both around the US and abroad.  I’ve been to 22 countries. Each place is amazing in its own unique way. I love talking with our CEO Robert about his home country South Africa. Cape Town is one of the most traditionally beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. I have a trip planned to Korea next month.  I taught English there for a year after college and it will be my first time back since moving home seven years ago! Day to day though I’m a bit of a homebody and content with the simple things.  I love coffee dates with friends and spending time with family playing board games, and I don’t mind just hanging out at home watching Netflix with my dog Surrey after a long day at work.

Debi Smiley  29 Years
What is your current position?
I am the Chief Marketing Officer.  My primary job is to oversee the marketing functions/activities of the credit union.  I have the privilege of overseeing a 4 person department dedicated to finding ways to communicate what we offer to the consumer in a creative and effective manner.  In addition, I have the supervisors of the Communication Center, IT Department, and Facility/Maintenance Department report to me.  Having a diversity of teams to work with provides me with the variety and multiplicity that I enjoy.

What is your favorite WCU memory?
One of my favorite memories is when I was able to work with member to assist them in avoiding losses with a very sophisticated scam being presenter to her.  She was confused and I was able to assist her in understanding the situation and the seriousness of what was happening to her.  Through these efforts, she was able to avoid losing thousands of dollars.  It was very rewarding to be a small Debi Smileypart in assisting this member.

What is something you like to do when you’re not at work?
The thing I enjoy the most is FAMILY!  I truly cherish and look forward to spending time with them.  This includes attending many grandchildren events, BBQs, family reunions, day visits, and the holidays.  I am truly blessed and enjoy being with them as often as I can.  The other love I have is traveling with my husband.  We take adventures as often as we can and enjoy visiting new sights whether it just going down the road locally or across the country.


  • Loren Ames – 8 years
  • Tonya Dick – 8 years
  • Cory DeForrest – 2 years
  • Amanda Leader – 2 years
  • Jennifer Clark – 1 year