June 2020 Anniversaries

Things are starting to get back to normal at the credit union, but we’re still living in a world very different from the one we thought we would be in even just a few months ago. Every month we celebrate our employees celebrating an anniversary. We ask them a few questions about their job, and try to keep it light (mostly).

Over the last two months though we’ve done it a little differently. Our June anniversary celebrants answered one simple question;

What is something the credit union does that makes you proud to say you work here?

Monica Lauber – 16 Years

I’m proud that we continue to offer solutions to our members financial needs. It’s about them, not us. Just recently over the last few months most of the mortgage lenders and brokers stopped offering cash out refinances because of the uncertain economic times, but there are still so many reasons people would want to use the equity in their homes. At Wauna, we didn’t for a second think about taking away a valuable resource. Now more than ever, we’re in your corner.

Jeannie Mustola – 4 Years

I just joined our Commercial team, so right now one thing I’m proud of is all the work we do to help keep our area businesses growing and supporting our communities. I’m a life-long Clatskanie resident. I just bought a home here, and I’m going to raise my family here, so the credit union doing its part of keep a strong local economy is important. Over the last two months, we helped more than 100 employees keep their pay through the pandemic with SBA Paycheck Protection Loans. I love our focus on small business and being able to connect with them personally, and help them financially. I love seeing the passion people have for their businesses.

Kerbie Belknap – 4 Years

One thing I love about working here is that we REALLY ARE trying to help our member build their financial well-being. From the type of accounts we open, to the lending that we do, the credit counseling, or even the financial advisors that we partner with. All of this is not to make the credit union rich, but to help our members. That makes me proud.

Alejandra Ortega Bermudez – 3 Years

The fact that we do the most we can for every member, we go above and beyond to help the member in any situation they may be in with regards to their finances or loans.

Jonathan Kintz– 2 Years

When the position opened up and I applied, I was just looking for a simple thing. Like a side gig sort of thing, you know? Little did I know that a position doing a few hours of cleaning a week would open up the doors to the whole company and the tight knit family they have created. I have a great working relationship with my manager. He cares about how I am doing, my family, all on top of getting me all the support and tools I need to do my job the best it can be done. I have attended a few Wauna events and I enjoyed myself thoroughly every time. Even though I rarely see the folks who work at the branch, they find ways to let me know that I am appreciated and part of the team.

I also find it a great privilege to help support a local company doing solid community work. Thinking and acting locally is a big deal to me, and Wauna reflects those values.

Chris Barron – 1 Year

We are an active participant and supporter of our community, even outside of the branch, and outside of business hours. While everybody thinks about financial support, both donations and loans, we also donate our time, expertise, and resources. I’m proud to wear the WCU logo on my chest when I’m out and about, and to be part of this company.

Sabrina Ecker – 1 Year

I am grateful and proud to be part of an organization that does such good things for its members. I’ve been here a year now, and from the beginning, I’ve constantly heard about living our mission and vision, and putting the member first. Knowing that’s our goal lets me concentrate on helping people when they come to the branch.