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Verified by VISA is a global solution designed to make online purchases more secure by helping ensure payments are made by the rightful owner of the VISA account. One of its objectives is to continue to build consumer confidence in online shopping—similar to that in a physical shopping environment.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Wauna Credit Union is proud to offer Verified by VISA as an added protection for our members when shopping online with your Wauna CU debit and credit cards.

Q:  What is Verified by VISA?

A:  Verified by VISA is a service that helps ensure online purchases are made by you.  When you make a purchase online, Verified by VISA works behind the scenes to ensure the transaction is being made by you. Sometimes it will ask for confirmation from you in the form of a predetermined PIN or password.

Q:  What is the benefit for consumers?

A:  It provides added assurance when you use your VISA card to make purchases online. You can be comfortable that any online merchant using the Verified by VISA security system is a legitimate commercial entity.

Q:  Is my personal information safe and secure? 

A:  Yes. Your information is transmitted using a high level of encryption and is stored on a secure server.  

Q:  Are there any service guarantees?

A:  The information you provide is for registration purposes only. Your information is protected and will not be used by or shared with any other parties except the contractors who operate this service on behalf of VISA and Wauna Credit Union.

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