Credit Card Security Breach Information & Resource

security breach image Debit & Credit Card Personal Information Breach

Wauna Credit Union officials are prepared to respond to any member whose Wauna CU VISA debit or credit card account has been compromised while shopping online or at retailer stores. The protection of our members’ accounts and privacy is our highest priority. That is why we have created this special “Security Breach Information & Education” page.

Recently, a numner of retail giants have announced millions of shoppers may have had their credit or debit card compromised. Be prepared to act if this happens to you.

What is your liability?

Consumers are required to report suspicious or unusual activity on their debit or credit card account within a period of days to limit personal liability. Please consult your Wauna Credit Union Membership & Account Agreement for complete details.

Please Take Immediate Action!

If you or family members have used a debit or credit card to make purchases and feel your private information may have been compromised, you are recommended to take immediate action:

Another good place to check out if you feel you may have been subject to security compromise at at a retail or online store is  People can report incidents of identity theft and learn how to protect from future incidents. In addition, consumers can monitor their credit report once every 12 months for free; details are at