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couplecomputer1-27-15 Update: Our Security Settings have upgraded. As of now Online Banking users will need to utilize newer security protocols. Most browsers have automatically updated to this more secure protocol. If you are having problems logging on please update your browser, or follow these steps.
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Our convenient Online Banking service enables users to make transactions on their personal or business accounts 24/7. Users may access Online Banking directly from our website or by mobile device, including our Mobile App. (Click here to get the App).

If you are already enrolled to use Online Banking, simply use the box on the left  to login. If you are not yet a user, please contact the Credit Union to quickly enroll.

*In October 2013, Wauna Credit Union converted to a new Online Banking service which provides many new features and services. Please read the following important information for helpful details to some of the new options:

VISA Credit Card Payments using Online Banking:

This is considered a “Loan payment” and your transaction must be processed using the Loan Payment option.

Note: As of October 2013, VISA payments are not yet listed in the Visa Loan account history; this issue will be resolved soon.

For Login Instructions,