ALERT: Notification for Brief Service Disruption early morning November 15th & 16th

alertIconBrief Service Disruption early morning November 15th & 16th

One of our Internet service providers has announced the potential for brief disruption of their service between the hours of Midnight – 6:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 15, and Wednesday, November 16, for needed maintenance. Additional maintenance could be required for the same time period Thursday, November 17, and Friday, November 18.

If a disruption of their service should occur, the impact may cause Wauna Credit Union online and mobile services to be unavailable to members.  The vendor expects any potential disruption to be no longer than 60 minutes.

After the vendor has completed their maintenance, Wauna Credit Union online and mobile services will be restored.

Wauna Credit Union officials thank the membership for their patience and understanding during such situations.

Wauna Credit Union

Alert: Brief Disruption Possible for Wauna CU Debit Card Service

EMV card(This notice was sent via email to all Debit & ATM Card users)

Wauna Credit Union has scheduled an important upgrade to the system that supports our Debit & ATM Card program.

Debit card users may experience a brief disruption of service Monday, April 18th, between Midnight and 6:00 a.m. (Pacific time).

Once completed, this system upgrade will enable Wauna Credit Union to provide its Debit card users with greater security when making transactions (using new EMV chip-secured Debit cards). Learn more about EMV chip-secured card technology at our website:

If you experience any problems with your Debit or ATM Card during the upgrade period or afterwards, please call 800-773-3236 and select the appropriate prompts to be connected with our 24/7 Debit Card Support service.

unnamed[1]ATTN: CardNav app users: If you use our CardNav app to protect your Debit card, this service will be discontinued at Midnight, Sunday, April 17th. The exact same service under the name CardValet will take its place.

Please visit our website to learn about the download and required set-up procedures so CardValet can provide you with the same level of personally controlled security for your Debit Card.

Watch the CardValet video

Thank You,

Wauna Credit Union