September Statement Insert – Call for nominations, International Credit Union Day, IRA, Credit Card

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Call for Nominations: Join the WCU Board of Directors
Do you enjoy being involved in your community? Do you love Wauna Credit Union? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you are just who we’re looking for! Candidate applications are now available for our volunteer Board of Directors. Learn more and apply today by grabbing an application at your local branch, by mail, or by visiting If you would like to be considered by the board’s Nominating Committee, submit your completed application by close of business on Friday, November 5, 2018. You are welcome to deliver applications in person to any branch or by mail: Governance committee, PO Box 67, Clatskanie, OR 97016. Our 52nd Annual Meeting (you’re invited!) will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 6:30 pm at the Erlene Darby Learning Center, located at 49249 Hwy 30, Westport, Oregon. Questions? Contact the Board Governance Committee at We look forward to meeting you!

October 18, 2018 Is International Credit Union Day
This year, we’re celebrating International Credit Union Day’s platinum anniversary, a chance to look back after 70 years and be thankful for the lives and communities that have been improved by the unique principles and actions of our movement. Stop by a Wauna CU branch to celebrate or use the hashtag
#PlatinumliningFound on Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook, and Instagram to tell us how your credit union has made a difference.

Wauna Credit Union
Apply 24/7
NMLS# 421867
Our mission is to provide opportunities for
our members to build their financial well-being

All deposits up to $250,000 are insured
by the National Credit Union
Administration, and backed by the full
faith and credit of the U.S. government.


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Looking to grow your savings?
Find out about our IRA program and let Wauna Credit Union help you build your financial well-being.

Bank Transfer Day, Wednesday, November 5, 2018
Move your big bank accounts over to a credit union. Transferring your accounts is easy with WCU’s Click Switch. By moving completely over to a credit union, you’ll begin to own your banking experience, and keep your money in the Community.

Go to to find out how you can win tickets to the big game in February just for using your WCU Visa.

Your Wauna Credit Union Visa card is packed full of features and benefits that make it the best choice for your everyday purchases, and your big ticket items.
Every WCU card comes with:
VISA Checkout, Wauna Credit Union’s newest tool to add convenience and help ensure secure online transactions.
Mobile Wallet puts your credit or debit card directly on your mobile device. It’s a more simple and more secure way to make payments. Our cards now support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
Account Updater makes it easier for you to make sure your automatic payments are up-to-date and accurate with participating merchants when you get a new card number.
VISA 3-D Secure is VISA’s new and improved way to ensure that rightful owner of the VISA account. All members are automatically protected.