May Statement Insert – Strong Mortgages, U-Banking, Visa for Vacation

Insert Page 1 Strong Mortgage

Strong Mortgages
Put the power of our eagle in your home loan
Apply for a home loan, day or night, even on the weekends!
Call 800-773-3236, or online at 1-800-773-3236
#NMLS 421867
Equal Housing Opportunity
NCUA Federally Insured by the NCUA

Insert Page 2 U-Banking Visa

What Is Ubiquitous Banking?
It’s Stronger!
It’s Faster!
It’s Our New Online & Mobile Banking Experience!
Coming Soon

VISA For Vacation!
Did you know?
Traveling with our VISA Credit Card is safer than cash or Debit!
Our VISA Rewards Program offers name brand merchandise, movie tickets, travel discounts, and more!
Earn BONUS Reward Points when you shop at popular retailers.