March Statement Insert

A note from Wauna Credit Union. This statement insert was sent to printers in early March, before the current COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting economic impact. The images, and copy in this month’s statement reflect a very different world than we are in today. Our programs, offerings, and incentives mentioned below, are still there to help you, our member owners.

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Rebates for Every Individual
1%* cash back 60  days no payments
When you move your vehicle, watercraft, off-road, or unsecured loans to us.
*Special Promotional Terms: Upon loan approval, current and new Wauna CU members who refinance a qualifying loan currently financed elsewhere to Wauna Credit Union become eligible to receive: 1. Immediate Cash Rebate equal to 1% of the  approved loan value;  2. 60-Days No Payments (interest will continue to  accrue during the 60-day period); and, 3. Wauna CU will pay the vehicle title transfer fee up to $100 (member is responsible to pay any additional amount) . Qualifying Loans: Auto, Truck, SUV, Van, Motor home, trailer, boat, watercraft, motorcycles, side-by-sides, quads, and unsecured loans such as home furnishings, tuition, personal loans, etc. Minimum loan amount to qualify for special terms:  $2,000; Maximum rebate allowed is $500 per qualifying loan. These special, promotional financing terms end at close  of business April 30, 2020. Rates & financing are offered based on applicant’s credit worthiness and term of the loan. Note : the promotional cash rebate paid to a member may be forfeit if the loan balance is paid in full within 180-days of the loan funding date. Membership with Wauna CU required to be eligible for this special offer.


  • APR: Variable Annual Percentage Rate. This Promotional financing applies to new HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) accounts opened between February 1 and July 31, 2020. No closing costs except appraisal if required. Estimated appraisal cost: $745. Your interest rate and credit limit will be determined based on individual credit worthiness. An early closure fee (Title, Recording, Flood Determination; Total is approximately $250) is applied if the loan is closed within the first 36 months. A $35 annual fee will be waived if the Total Finance Charges paid during the previous 12 months is equal to or exceeds $35. The APR includes interest only and no other costs, and could change at any time. Variable Rate is equal to the Prime Rate index (currently 4.25°l APRas of March 5, 2020) as published in the Wall Street Journal and is subject to change. To determine the APR which will apply to your account, an interest rate margin (currently 0% APR – 8% APR) will be added to the current Prime Rate Index. In no event will the regular APR be less than the Prime Rate Index or more than18% APR or applicable state law. The 1.99% Promotional APR is available for 6 months after the loan is funded. At the beginning of the 7th month, your regular rate will be applied. Minimum monthly payment may change as a result of interest rate changes. Home Equity loans may qualify for tax deductible interest. Consult with your tax advisor for details. This promotional Home Equity Line of Credit enables qualified borrowers to finance up to 100% of their home value. There are no Loan Origination Costs. Some restrictions apply. Membership with Wauna Credit Union is required for a HELOC to be funded. Visit for member eligibility details. This special offer ends July 31, 2020.
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Credit Union Youth Month
Individuals Welcome
Awesome Prizes! Magical Fun!
Open or deposit money into a youth account.
Youth members could win up to $200* or an Amazon Fire Tablet!*
Adopt-A-Teacher: Visit our website to nominate your favorite teacher. The teacher with the most votes wins $500!
*This promotion is limited to youth age 17 or younger who establish a new, personal membership Jump Start Club account during April 1-30, 2020. Wauna Credit  Union will deposit the initial $5 to qualifying members’ new account. Visit for  membership eligibility  and promotional  prize details. To become eligible for the prize drawings, a minimum $5 deposit must be made to qualifying new youth member’s account before close of business Friday, April 30, 2020.  Winning entries will be determined by random drawing Monday, May 11th. Odds to win a prize: Approximately 1 in 150. No purchase is required. Prize values: 1 (one) Kid’s Fire Tablet @ $59 .99 (age eligibility : 0-10) ; 1 (one) Fire Tablet @ $ 59 .99 (age eligibility: 10-17) ; and, 1 (one) $100 deposited to recipient’s account (age eligibility: 0-17). Recipients will be contacted by the Credit Union. Scavenger Hunt prize value: $20; No entry required. Limited to any current member age 17 or younger. Available at all branches except Astoria Safeway and Long Beach. Wauna Credit Union, 101 Truehaak Street SE, Clatskanie OR 97016 .

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