PRESS: Wauna CU Donates Reflectors To Improve Pedestrian Safety

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The Department of Human Services Self Sufficiency office in St. Helens intends to offer its clients safety reflector key chains to make them more visible as pedestrians.

The offer is being made possible following a donation from two community members Wednesday, March 9.

Victoria Worral, a Columbia City resident, and Cameron Willett, branch manager of the St. Helens Wauna Federal Credit Union, presented a donation of $1,200 worth of safety reflectors to Stephanie Wetherbee, an employee with the state Department of Human Services, on Wednesday.

Using donated funds from the credit union, Worral, who jokingly calls herself the “Reflector Lady,” was able to provide 480 safety reflectors to St. Helens Self Sufficiency to distribute to those who need them.

Worral has been promoting pedestrian visibility through the use of safety reflector keychains throughout the St. Helens area for nearly two years.

The donation will help promote safety and visibility for Columbia County residents by removing any economic barriers that might be exist, Wetherbee explained.

“A lot of the people that will be receiving these would not be able to purchase them on their own otherwise, for one reason or another,” Wetherbee said. “It’s amazing and it’s awesome that they’ll be able to get these.”

Worral met Willett at a Columbia County Rotary Club meeting in 2014 when she was promoting a safety awareness campaign through the use of reflector key chains. Willett said his two children regularly walk home from school, and Worral’s message stuck with with him. The two struck up a deal more than a year ago for the credit union to purchase reflectors that could be donated to the St. Helens community.

“Her message really resonated with me. Both my kids walk home from school everyday,” Willett said. “A lot of the streets in our neighborhood aren’t really well lit. My wife and I had the conversation about how it’s kind of a dangerous walk home and we plan for the best route for them to take, so when I heard what [Worral] was doing with reflectors, it just made sense for me.”

Worral spent most of last year working with Glimmis, a Swedish company, as a reflector distributor. During that time, she began to work with elementary schools, local businesses and, eventually, the St. Helens Youth Council, making connections in the community to sell and donate reflectors. One of those connections was also with employees at the Self Sufficiency office in St. Helens.

Wetherbee said the office plans to give reflectors to any client who comes in and may need one, including young families and adults who walk in areas that may not be well lit.

“It’ll still go to the same population of folks, children and families, people that will be in need and will be grateful to get these reflectors because they are traveling on foot and on bicycles, really all times of day and even at night,” Wetherbee said.

Wednesday’s donation also marked a small turning point for the work Worral has been doing. When Worral began her safety awareness campaign, she started by promoting reflectors for school-age children, enticing them with cool designs. Providing reflectors to an agency that serves a wide variety of clients of all ages will promote safety among adults as well, Worral said.

ANNUAL MEETING: Saturday, March 5th

Join us on March 5th at the Westport Community Church in Westport Oregon (across the street from our Wauna CU Learning Center), for our Annual Meeting!

Doors open at 2 pm, the meeting begins at 3 pm.

The Annual Meeting is open to Wauna CU members only, but no tickets are required. The meeting is free.

Fultano’s Pizza will be hosting our refreshments.

Come out and meet our Board Of Directors, find out the election results, and get to know more about the Credit Union Difference and our People Helping People philosophy.


Here are a few photos from the 2015 Annual Meeting in Warrenton.

Our Board hears the results from the Supervisory Committee chair.
Three of our Board members enjoy a laugh at the 2015 Annual Meeting.
HR-VP Sharon and our COO Debi, get photo bombed by Branch Manger Jeff.
Branch Manager Jeff, with our Internal Auditor Randy, at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Friday, Feb. 26: Wauna CU holds “Sgt. Goodding Day” fundraiser for fallen police officer

IMG_2111Wauna Credit Union staff is holding a fundraiser this week to raise money for the family of Sgt. Goodding, the Seaside police officer tragically killed in the line of duty.

On Friday, Feb. 26, Wauna CU staff will be wearing memorial bracelets for Sgt. Goodding, and we will be giving them out to anyone who donates to our fundraiser.

This is such a tragedy for our communities, we felt compelled to do something! This is an unofficial fundraiser, it’s just us doing what we can to help. Donations can also be made at:

100% of all donations we collect will go directly to the Goodding family. If you would like to participate in our staff’s fundraiser, stop in any of our seven branches. We will give out bracelets while supplies last, and special memorial cards supplied to us by the Seaside Police Department.

Our hearts grieve for the Goodding Family, and for his brothers and sisters on the police force.

Thank you!FullSizeRender

VOTING OPENS for our Board of Directors – Enter to win $50!

Go-Vote-500x500[1]Democracy In Action! Wauna Credit Union Board of Directors Elections: Vote Now!

Like a bank, Wauna Credit Union has a Board of Directors, but the difference is, our Board is made up of volunteers, who have the same $5 share of ownership in the Credit Union that you or I do. They are not serving for high pay and dividends, they are civic minded people elected by credit union members who vote annually.

Our Board of Directors help govern and lead the credit union to best serve its member-owners. A credit union is not for profit like a bank is, it is for improving the lives of its members with financial services, education, and assistance, and that is all. Any profit made is returned to Credit Union members via lower interest rates and fees, higher yields, and community support.

At Wauna Credit Union the time to vote is here – From February 1 until Midnight on March 1, 2016, all members in good standing & who are 18 or over, are encouraged to vote for up to 4 candidates.

All members are also eligible to run for our Board of Directors, each autumn we have a Call For Nominations to invite all interested members to apply for candidacy.

To be part of our democracy in action, please vote:

FUNDRAISER: Trailblazers Tickets Raffle – Win Big & Help A Good Cause!

Great Community Fundraiser & A Lucky Chance for Basketball Fans!

Wauna Credit Union is raffling off 2 premium seats at a great Trailblazers game, and anyone who donates $15 to our current charity – The School Backpack Programs of Clatskanie and St. Helens – gets a ticket for the raffle!

The Backpack Program gives school children a backpack of healthy food to eat on the weekends, because sometimes school lunches are the only meal children receive daily. The backpack programs in St Helens and Clatskanie are just two regional versions of the larger “Feeding America” program:

Why not make a donation to help our communities’ children AND get a chance to win a great view of the Portland Trailblazers in action? Read more below, and then stop in any branch to donate!

Anyone who donates $15 to the Backpack Program fundraiser will be given a raffle ticket to win those two amazing tickets! The drawing will be held at our Clatskanie branch on March 11, 2016.

Thank You!

fundraiser for kids, raffle for trailblazers tickets


Scholarship Applications Now Accepted!

graduate 2016Need Money for Higher Education? Wauna CU can help!

Starting today until April 15th, Wauna Credit Union welcomes all of our upcoming or recent high school graduates to apply for a student scholarship. Each year we award scholarships to as many student members as we can, and we spread the scholarships all over our service area.

We understand how important higher education is for success in today’s world, and we want to help! This year we are gifting $6000 worth of scholarships to our members. We also welcome past winner to apply again for continued support.

The application must be filled out completely, and requires two brief essays.

To apply for the scholarship, go to our website and download the application:

An open letter to those affected by the recent storms – Wauna CU is here to help:

Dear Community,

Our communities have been hit with some very bad, and even deadly rains recently. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has declared both Columbia and Clatsop Counties a state of emergency, and we have not yet even crossed into winter!

In an effort to help our friends and neighbors who have been affected, or may be affected in the near future, Wauna Credit Union has rushed to create a variety of special programs to help. These programs also include our Pacific County Community, your weather is our weather!

While our Credit Union and staff are of course donating and volunteering wherever we can, we wanted to do more!

We are offering a Skip-A-Pay for secured and unsecured consumer loans, including credit cards – Just tell us you have been impacted by these storms and we will skip your payment next month. We don’t need proof, we believe you – we live here too. We just want to make at least one thing a little easier right now for everyone!

We also know that even those who were not flooded may have missed work or had other setbacks, so this Skip-A-Pay includes you as well.

If you have experienced damage to your home or car or business, we are also offering a discounted interest rate on loans to repair or replace what you’ve lost.

Come to any branch, call or apply online. Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to secure a loan for you at a considerably lower interest rate.

As this winter progresses, we will do all we can to assist our communities, especially if this dangerous weather continues. Wauna Credit Union was born here on the lower Columbia Pacific Region, this is our home, and our members, neighbors, and communities mean the world to us! Please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-773-3236 or at for help.

We wish everyone a safe holiday season and better weather in the New Year!



All of us at Wauna Credit Union



FREE Christmas Dinner, hosted by Wauna CU in Rainier, OR

Perhaps you’ve seen the poster hanging up in our branches, or picked up a handout around town, or scrolled past the Facebook event, and you are wondering about this FREE Christmas Dinner. Certainly, there is a lot to be curious about. It is indeed true and coming up on Dec. 23 at the Rainier Methodist Church.

Wauna CU employee, Tabitha White talks about what inspired this free dinner for the community this Christmas.
Wauna CU employee, Tabitha White talks about what inspired this free dinner for the community this Christmas.

To get the answers, we went to the source – Wauna Credit Union’s own Tabitha White, who is the mastermind behind this amazing gesture of giving. Here is what she had to say about her idea, and how it fits with the Credit Union mantra of “People Helping People”.

“This dinner is for our community.  To show that Wauna Credit Union cares for our community, we support our community, and show them we are not just another financial institution – we give back.” She explains. “It’s been a long time dream of mine to host a huge dinner for those who need it the most.  This is a huge way to show people we truly are a company of “People Helping People”.

Members in Clatskanie will likely recognize Tabitha from her time as a top notch Member Service Representative (commonly known as a teller), but for the last several years she has worked her way up, first in our Operations Department, and now as part of the Training Team at our Learning Center. She also spearheaded our first quarter staff fundraiser raising $4,000 for the Columbia County Humane Society, and leading the charge to plant the beautiful memorial garden on their grounds during the summer. Obviously, she really cares, and that is probably why she is here at Wauna Credit Union. After all, Credit Unions are nonprofit financial cooperatives that work to improve communities one member at a time.

What should people expect when they come to this event?

“When people come to the Christmas dinner they should expect to get fed a wonderful turkey dinner.  Children will get to visit with Santa. Our CEO Robert Blumberg will be speaking about Wauna Credit Union and who we are.  Hopefully, we will have some live caroling, and also get some financial education while they are there since we are a financial institution.  But people need to come with the idea of not having any obligation to Wauna Credit Union after the dinner.  People need to come and expect great conversations and enjoy having a full belly.  The food will be served for 4 hours.  We even have free transportation for those coming from as far away as Scappoose, St. Helens and Clatskanie.  They just need to be prepared to be served and have a wonderful afternoon.”

Tabitha, this is such a lovely idea, what inspires your generosity?

“This whole idea of feeding the community started with me wanting to show my kids that Christmas is not for wanting or getting.  Christmas is for giving and giving back to those around us.  I want my children to learn to give and not expect anything in return.”

Those are strong words and a big commitment, but then she said even more!

“Recently, I was looking around at home noticing how much “stuff” I have; noticing how much stuff my children have; noticing how much more my children ask for even when they have everything they could ever need and more.  On daily trips in the car my kids would ask for a new X-box game, a new bike, a new toy gun, because they “need” it!!!  They don’t need it!  They want it.  I got to thinking how much people are in need out there and how my kids have no idea what it means to be in need.  My family is not rich or well to do, but we have a lot.”

“Then, I turned and looked at myself in the mirror and thought, my children ask for all these things and want more because this is what I am teaching them.  This year, I have been selfish by thinking and saying out loud; I need a new house on 100 acres, I need a new car, I need new work clothes, I need a new phone!  What???  I don’t need anything!  What I need is to stop wanting.  What I need is to focus on the more important things in life like giving back, working hard for things, and being grateful.  I need to give back and teach my children the most important things in life are not things!”

“With all these thoughts, this whole idea of feeding the community spawned!  Then, the idea turned into action and now here we are getting ready for a county wide Christmas dinner and hoping to feed over 200 people.”

With that inspiration, Wauna Credit Union welcomes anyone and everyone who would like to join us for Christmas Dinner on December 23rd — Come to help or come to eat, bring a friend or bring a toy for a child. We can all make a difference in our communities, just as Tabitha inspired Wauna Credit Union to do with this wonderful free dinner!

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COMMUNITY ACTION: Stuff The Truck Fundraiser

Krickett (Arbor Care) with Natasha and Dawn from Wauna CU at the food drive.
Krickett (Arbor Care) with Natasha and Dawn from Wauna CU at the food drive.

Over the weekend Wauna Credit Union participated in the annual Stuff The Truck food drive to benefit the Clatsop County Food Bank.

This is the eighth annual Stuff The Truck, it’s held every November in the Fred Meyer parking lot in Warrenton. It is organized by Arbor Care tree specialists and enlists local businesses to help.

Each year they raise thousands of dollars and literally tons of food to assist our local food bank to serve people in need.