August Statement Insert – Back to School, Last Days of Summer

August Statement Page 1

Back to School With WCU and VISA
Ready for back to school? A WCU
VISA Rewards Card gives you the
purchasing power, protections, and
features to make back to school fun.

All deposits up to $250,000 are insured
by the National Credit Union
Administration, and backed by the full
faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Wauna Credit Union
NMLS# 421867

August Statement Page 2

Summer is For Fun & We Make Fun Affordable!
60 Days No Payments on RVs, Boats, Mortorcycles
Wauna Credit Union offers affordable loans for
RVs, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles that
help you have fun in the sun!

New/Used Purchases Qualify for 60-Days No

1% Cash Rebate and 60-Days No Payments for
refinances from Elsewhere!

Promotional Terms Available Through August 21!

**Special Promotion Terms: New & used RV-Recreational Vehicle (includes: motor home, trailer, boat, motorcycle, ATV, side-by-sides, watercraft) loans qualify for 60-Days No Payments (interest will continue to accrue during the 60-Day period). Maximum Loan: $50,000. Qualifying loans refinanced from elsewhere to Wauna CU receive: 1. An immediate Cash Rebate equal to 1% of the approved loan value [Note: the full amount of the promotional cash rebate remitted to member may be forfeit if less than 50% of the total funded loan balance remains in the account 120 days after the loan funding date]; and, 2. 60-Days No Payments (interest will continue to accrue during the 60-day period). Minimum loan amount to qualify for special terms: $2,000; Maximum Loan: $50,000; maximum rebate allowed is$500 per loan. These special financing terms end at close of business August 31, 2018. Rates & financing are offered based on applicant’s credit worthiness on applicant’s credit worthiness and term of the loan. Membership with Wauna CU required to qualify for this special offer.

Fee Schedule Page 1

Wauna Credit Union Fee Changes
Effective September 1, 2018
Card payment by phone
$15.00 per transaction
Non-CO-OP ATM withdrawals
$2.50 per withdrawal
Safe Deposit Boxes
3” x 5” Box $35.00 annually
3” x 10” Box
$50.00 annually
5” x 10” Box
$60.00 annually
10” x 10”
$85.00 annually
SDB Late Fee(<30 days)
$20.00per month Services
Account research/Balancing
$45.00 per hour (min 1 hour)
$20.00 per item
Dormant Account (12 mo. inactivity)
$10.00 monthly
Legal Process Fee (Garnishment/Levy)
$125.00 per item
Line Of Credit over limit fee
$35.00 per item
$40.00 per skip
Stop Payment
$30.00 per item
Unclaimed Property Notices
$15.00 per item
Undeliverable Mail Fee
$10.00 per item
Intl. Wire Research or Tracking
$45.00 per item
Business Accounts
Money Services Business Checking
– Cash Handling Fee >$150k
$35.00 monthly
$15.00 per $25k increment
Line of Credit Renewal
$250.00 per item

Questions? Contact us at
800-773-3236 or
Find a full rate sheet at or at any branch.

Fee Schedule Page 2

Summary of Changes to Account
Agreement and Disclosures 2018
Revised Aug. 1, 2018
Funds Availability Policy
Section 1- General Policy
Added to end of section: Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs): When
the ITM is staffed, deposits are being made at a staffed facility. When
the ITM is not staffed, deposits are being made at an ATM. The funds
will be made available according to the General Policy.
Membership & Account Agreement
Section 8a. Endorsements
Added to end of paragraph: For mobile deposits, we may refuse
checks lacking a restrictive endorsement, such as “for mobile deposit
Section 26. Inactive Accounts
Deleted from first sentence: “your account falls below any minimum
balance”. Minimum balance is not needed along with inactivity for
specified period for account to be classified as inactive or dormant.
4th sentence was deleted: You authorize us to transfer funds from
another account of yours to cover any service fees, if applicable. To
the extent allowed by law, we reserve the right to transfer the account
funds to an account payable and to suspend any further account
Section 29. Termination of membership
Added to end of paragraph: A member who fails to complete
payment of one share within 3 months of admission to membership,
or within 3 months from the increase in the par value of shares or
a member who reduces the share balance below the par value of
one share, either through voluntary withdrawal of funds or through
involuntary assessment of fees and charges, and does not increase the
balance to at least the par value of one share within 3 months of the
reduction will be terminated from membership.
Electronic Funds Transfer
Section 1. EFT Services, b. Debit Card
Added to end of section: Card Information Updates and
Authorizations. If you have authorized a merchant to bill charges to
your card on a recurring basis, it is your responsibility to notify the
merchant in the event your card is replaced, your card information
(such as card number and expiration date) changes, or the account
associated with your card is closed. However, if your card is replaced
or card information changes, you authorize us, without obligation on
our part, to provide the updated card information to the merchant in
order to permit the merchant to bill recurring charges to the card. You
authorize us to apply such recurring charges to the card until you notify
us that you have revoked authorization for the charges to your card.
Your card is automatically enrolled in an information updating service.
Through this service, your updated card information (such as card
number and expiration date) may be shared with participating
merchants to facilitate continued recurring charges. Updates are not
guaranteed before your next payment to a merchant is due. You are
responsible for making direct payment until recurring charges resume.
To revoke your authorization allowing us to provide updated card
information to a merchant, please contact us.