August Anniversaries

Things are starting to get back to normal at the credit union, but we’re still living in a world very different from the one we thought we would be in even just a few months ago. Every month we celebrate our employees celebrating an anniversary. We ask them a few questions about their job, and try to keep it light (mostly).

Over the last two months though we’ve done it a little differently. Our August anniversary celebrants answered one simple question;

What is something the credit union does that makes you proud to say you work here?

Mike Chapman – 10 Years

Every day I feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing the Credit Union is making it possible for thousands of local residents to safely take care of their money, no matter their age or background.

Nichole Soares – 2 Years

There are so many reasons I am proud to work at Wauna Credit Union, however the thing that makes me most proud to say that I work here, is that since day one I could see that we genuinely stand by our mission and vision. It is important to me that an institution stands by the things it says and Wauna Credit Union beyond question values people. I get opportunities every day to change members’ lives and it extends beyond just their finances. I get to work under two of the most supportive and encouraging women I have had the pleasure of working with, who consistently provide me with opportunities to learn pretty much all aspects of the credit union; It gives me a lot of pride to know how instrumental our branch is in helping the credit union run smoothly along with the member service we provide. In the two years I have been here I have had the chance to wear many hats, and I get to learn and grow all the time. Every day is a chance to use TMA, especially in the Virtual Branch.