A Letter From CEO Robert Blumberg

Last week, you may have received a letter indicating the interest rate on your Wauna Credit Union VISA would be increasing due to three consecutively missed payments. The letter was inaccurately and inadvertently generated to all Rewards VISA account holders by our vendor.

Our employees have worked tirelessly to confirm that the payment history of every account is correct. Rest-assured that your rate is not increasing. Wauna Credit Union has never increased the rate on a card because of missed payments, and we do not plan on starting now. It is also important to note that your information was not compromised in any way.

I apologize for any distress the error may have caused – this is not how I want to treat our members and can confirm that this was a processing mistake on our vendor’s side. I am planning on meeting with leadership at our vendor to demand procedures and a written plan to ensure only accurate information is sent to you moving forward.

If you have questions about your account status or otherwise, please contact us at 800-773-3236.


Robert Blumberg Signature

Robert Blumberg CEO & President Wauna Credit Union